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Everything's Jumpin' is a dance club based in East Anglia with weekly classes dedicated to 1940s and 1950s style Jitterbug, Jive and Swing Dance.  

Everything's Jumpin' dancers come from all walks of life and are united by their love of the fun of jive and swing dancing.  You won't just learn a series of steps - you'll learn to dance with the most fun, flexible and unchoreographed dance style from the jive and swing dance family.

Nick Kirby AISTD has taught many of the best swing dancers around.  Come on in and take a look...


Friday 27 December 2019

Everyone's welcome at

The Betwixtmas Dance




Jive & Swing

Dance Classes

every Wednesday

in Norwich

Beginners welcome!

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admin@everythingsjumpin.co.uk      07774 810404

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